College Albums 1 : Glenn Gould

Originally posted on Good Music Speaks:

I have this image in my head of three albums that were almost required of a college student in the early 1960’s.  Albums that were essential to a resident of a dormitory at one of the universities on the east coast of the United States.  There was so much great music in the sixties, but the things I have in mind were specific to a student trying to seem collegiate, sophisticated and worldly.  I could have this picture all wrong.  I wasn’t there.   But these are three great albums just the same.

I miss albums, those twelve inch vinyl records with good sized artwork and liner notes on the back of the sleeve.  Compact discs were a trade off, being more durable but having smaller artwork and not quite the same feel.  Digital downloads are even more of a sacrifice for convenience and cost.  I get tiny thumbnail images, no…

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